"I know the hole in baby's head. I know the hole in baby's head. I know the hole in baby's head. I know the hole in baby's head. I lived together with my family in an old house. I have a big family. I have lots of brothers and lots of sisters. I have lots of baby brothers and sisters all over the house crying crawling screaming playing in dangerous areas moaning and wailing like dirty disarrayed toys they fall down a lot. My mother and father fight all the time my mother leaves the house dirty all the time always feeding the babies always leaving the babies crying and screaming while she cries all the time. And then she looks up from the bed screaming at the top of her lungs hoping someone understands her. My father was always extremely introverted always coming in and out of the house night and day and never speakin to anyone never speakin to no one and never speakin to anyone. I like to think everything is alright in my old house in my old dark house but I know it isn't. I've always had bad feelings about all the garbage and dirt and darkness and spider webs and bad smells and bad feelings - scare you. Then as more time went on I started thinking that maybe there could be weird things that could lay dormant in the old darkness of the old dark house so I try to think what these things could be. Then I got to thinking that maybe something had happened something more than that they couldn't talk about. Something that they were too stupid to understand and something they were too quiet of to be knowing of that it was bad. And they just carried on their everyday life unthinking of anything different. What's happening?  (...)

Oh my God. I know the hole in baby's head."

Roky Erickson's haunting, autobiographical spoken-word piece, filmed at the Austin State Hospital in 1986. Shot by and courtesy of Douglas Mobley.

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