© Je tends les bras (1931/32), por Claude Cahun
"I Extend My Arms is a black and white photograph showing a dramatically gesturing pair of arms apparently emerging from inside a stone monolith. A tanned female left arm, ornamented with three beaded wooden bangles on its wrist, extends from out of a large hole in the lichen-covered stone. Its partner – wearing a ring on its little finger – emerges from the other side of the monolith, which is of similar dimensions to a human body. A section of low wall made of similar lumps of stone and cement extends towards the foreground of the image. An old iron fixing sticking up from the wall below the hole suggests that it was drilled to fit elements of a gate or other similar structure, supported by the monolith and wall. The owner of the arms is standing behind the monolith so that her body is completely concealed; this creates the illusion that she is inside the stone or has somehow become fused with it." — Claude Cahun "I Extend My Arms" - 1931 or 1932, Elizabeth Manchester (January 2008)

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