uma carta de Richard Burton para Elizabeth Frances "Liza" Todd Burton :

"Beloved Liza,

Well my sweetheart, I have to tell you yet once again that your
mother and I have split and are running in opposite directions. She
is a remarkable woman and I will love her forever and she will love
me too - so she says - but living with me is very difficult. I know
myself to be a son of a bitch and a drunken one at that, though I
have been sober for 6 weeks. Let’s hope I can keep it that way.

The chief thing is that you are not made unhappy by this absurdity.
Your mother worships you and so do I. As I wrote to you before you
will always be my girl. I was absolutely astounded the other day when
some people said I should cut you out of my will. I said what do you
mean. That beautiful girl is my daughter. I love her. She is naughty
sometimes and sometimes I have had to shout at her but I am equally
naughty, sometimes, and nothing on this earth will ever stop her from
being my child. So if I drop dead tomorrow or next week or in
September or do you think that I would carry myself to the tomb
saying to myself Liza will get nothing from me. She has been with me
since she was 4 years old and she is my baby.

Not, of course, that you need anything from me. Your splendid mother
or you, yourself, will finance you in whatever you want to do. And by
finance I don’t mean money, though that can be very important too. I
mean love.

If you abandon me. If you don’t allow me to show you off and buy you
chips and ice-cream and say something ridiculous like “this woman is
my daughter and she is very clever and wait until you see her
painting or sculpting or wait until you look in her eyes and see the
imagination there.” Or “wait until you see her ride a horse”. I mean
its quite bizarre. How dare the lawyers ask me such a thing."

a 25.8.13
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