“The first day I painted the walls blue. The second day I painted them green. The third day I lied down in the mattress. The empty room felt bigger. And on the fifth day I moved the mattress. After that I lifted it up… and placed it upright against the window… after that against the wall. I went to lie down. And on the sixth day, I wrote a letter. I made it clear what I meant. First I wrote three pages. Then I wrote the same thing on another six pages. On the eighth day I wrote the second letter while eating a lot of castor sugar. And I crossed out… and crossed off. A few lines remained. I stopped eating and I remained silent. A few days later I started over. After a few days I read everything I had written. I went to lie on my mattress and after a while I got undressed. Naked I went back and lied down. I placed my clothes on top of me and waited. I could hear myself breathing. I toyed with my breathing. Then I forgot about the game and waited. Again. I knew I was there for at least twenty eight days. It turned out that people were walking in the street. I waited. I waited until it had passed or until something happened. That I would believe in God or that you would send me gloves for the cold. I waited, that’s all. I realized that life stood still no matter what. That nothing would happen. I heard footsteps. Someone was looking at me. I stood still, motionless, nude so that other passers-by would see me. Few people walked by. After that no one. Only later, much later, did I see myself in the window. I looked at myself. I was gone.”  

excerto (traduzido para Inglês) de "Je, Tu, Il, Elle" (1976), de Chantal Akerman 

a 10.3.15
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